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I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to leave a detailed comment on the Altitude Adapt Gear Tester post in order to be entered as part of the product testing and giveaway. There weren't as many responses as I had hoped for, but the criteria to be eligible may have been a factor there. Even so, there were plenty of eligible entires and after sharing them with the folks at Altitude Adapt five winners/testers have been selected.

The winners were hand selected by Altitude Adapt based on the feedback they had provided in their comments, the timing of their upcoming trip, and the overall viability of them as high altitude testers. I did not play a part in the selection process. The five winners are:

Hello Brian, my name is Jeremy. I'm 30 years old and I would love to test this product. I am an avid ultralight backpacker and I have had two of my last three trips ruined by AMS. You can read about one of them (and get a sample of my writing) here I currently have multiple trips planned at altitude. Two in my own backyard in Mt. San Bernardino (10+k) and Mt. San Gorgonio (11+k) and one in Yosemite this fall. Almost all of my trips are at altitude and I would (selfishly) love to see if this would help me. I would also love to give something back to the ultralight backpacking community that has taught me so much. Thanks for your consideration.

Daniel Yates:
I might be a candidate. Im a 55 year old fat flatlander that will be hiking as high as we can during the Thanksgiving break in Colorado. Snow will possibly set us back, but if we can do a 14teener we will, we did Elbert last year. 14,433ft. We usually camp around 9 to 10 and summit from there. From previous experience with AS, I feel it is a real function of hydration and fitness. This product might be a boon to guys like me that are a few pounds over but still like to hike. Happy to do it. BTW I stumbled on your site, and love it, just bought a large cache of ProBars and they are great.

Michelle Pearson:
I just completed Pikes Peak this past Saturday. This was my first high altitude hike. I was shocked at how slow I had to go because of the headaches, dizziness, and waves of nausea! Took my totally by surprise. Started at Crags about 9800 and finished at Devils Playground at 12,811 because I was too slow to complete the summit before time to head down. Down was awesome! Training proved itself there... when I could breathe! So only negative was the symptoms. Drunken dizzy lasted 3 days. I am scheduled for Mt Kilimanjaro, leaving January 2, 2013, so I need to squeeze in another trip to Pikes or similar before year end. Totally into nutrition so would love to test these before Kili - and use them instead of Diamox if possible since not hyped about the hallucinations it can cause! Interesting that your blog got to me today, just after that experience!

Dr. Jim:
I've been an avid ultralight backpacker for over 20 years and I'm also a gear-head. Every year, I do a 14,000 foot peak. This year was Mt. Langley in California. I frequently go to Mt. Baldy (10,000 foot peak in southern California). Past experience - I've experienced altitude sickness last year: Headache and loss of balance, with extreme exhaustion. After descending 1000 feet, it was much improved. I've used Ginkgo on many trips and it works very well but didn't have it on this trip. My proposed trip would be to Mt. Baldy: 6 miles one way, with 4300 feet elevation gain. I can stay overnight or more than that if need be. I'm a Chiropractic doctor and a clinical nutritionist.

Steve W. Weiss:
I go snowboarding everyday here in Utah and plan on doing backcountry splitboarding all year. I will mainly stay above 8ft and drop under and climb back up, to do loops/runs. I am aware of AMS since I came to Utah from Ohio, and know how much it can suck. Let me know if you are interested in a splitboarder and I will gladly test it out.

If you are one of the lucky five winners, you'll need to reach out to me directly via email [] to provide me with confirmation that you can perform the testing described in your comment and your home shipping address. Do not share it here for privacy reasons. Once I have your information I will pass it along to Altitude Adapt who will mail you samples of the product for testing.

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