Gossamer Gear Gorilla Voted 'Most Versatile' by Backpacker Magazine

Gossamer Gear Gorilla Voted 'Most Versatile' by Backpacker Magazine


Gossamer Gear Gorilla UL Pack Thought I'd share a review I saw in the latest Backpacker Magazine email newsletter of five ultralight multiday backpacks. Here's a breakdown of the five packs that were chosen and how they ended up ranking them:

I have to give a huge shout out to the guys at Gossamer Gear for being voted the "most versatile" of the packs tested, something I would whole heartedly agree with and as many of you know the Gorilla backpack has been my "go-to" pack for a long time now and for many reasons.

Gossamer Gear Gorillas Compared

I noticed that the photograph used in the review was of the old model Gorilla pack and some of the reviewer's comments mention features that no longer exist on the new version, which surprises me for a reputable magazine like Backpacker. Why on earth would they be testing out of date versions, that's just stupid and probably one of the reasons that I no longer care for the magazine personally.

If you own a Gorilla backpack, or any of the other backpacks that Backpacker Magazine reviewed on the list above, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the packs and whether or not you agree with the results.

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