Flat Cat Gear Snow Leopard Cookset Giveaway

Flat Cat Gear Snow Leopard Cookset Giveaway


Flat Cat Gear Stove Giveaway The ultimate ultralight alcohol stove set giveaway. The one that so many of you have been nagging me for ever since my review of this cooking system over a year ago. Up for grabs is an ultralight  cookset combination put together especially for the readers of Brian's Backpacking Blog.

Jon Fong, the founder of Flat Cat Gear, has provided me with one of his amazing UL Snow Leopard alcohol stove cooking systems for this giveaway. He's combined it with a brand new Snow Peak Hybrid Summit cookset to make this set a complete UL cooking solution valued at $95. And that's not all... there's a runner up prize of a Flat Cat Gear Epicurean titanium adjustable Esbit stove.

Flat Cat Gear Stove Giveaway

What's Included I'm going to be very specific and list out every item that is included as part of this giveaway (first prize), you'll see why in just a moment - so review this list carefully:

  • Snow Leopard Cooking System
  • Flat Cat standard alcohol stove
  • Windscreen
  • Pot holding pins (x2)
  • Heat shield for ground
  • Plastic fuel measuring cup
  • Instructions
  • Plastic protective wrapping
  • Snow Peak Hybrid Summit Cookset
  • Lightweight titanium pot 28 fl. oz. (0.82 liter)
  • Silicone lid that doubles as a hot pad/grabber
  • Silicone cup holds 10 fl. oz. (0.3 liter)
  • Mesh stuff sack

Flat Cat Gear Stove Giveaway

How the Giveaway Works In order to win this amazing little cooking set, you're going to have to do a little bit of homework. You'll find the Flat Cat Gear website to be a very valuable information resource and I would highly recommend using one of the popular outdoor retailers such as REI.com too.

Why? Well the only way you are going to win this cooking system is by being the person closest to guessing the exact weight of the combined Snow Leopard and Snow Peak systems including the protective packaging materials and instructions (not the cardboard packaging) to the tenth of a gram.

Outdoor retailers are notoriously inaccurate in their online weight specifications (as most ULers know) so there's a small margin of error here even if you do your homework, which I high recommend you do. Then there is a small amount of plastic wrapping and the instructions to take into consideration - we don't want to make it too easy.

Leave a comment below with your guess (in grams) for the total combined weight of the first prize combo as listed above. The giveaway will run for one week only and will close on Thursday November 22nd 2012. I will select the two readers who guess the closest weight to the amount my digital scale gave me. In the event of a draw, I will use Random.org to select the winners.

No extra points for using social follows or tweets this time, but feel free to support Flat Cat Gear by liking their Facebook page and it never hurts to show your love for Brian's Backpacking Blog by liking my Facebook page and following Brian on Twitter.

Good luck and may the best gram weenie win!

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Disclosure: Flat Cat Gear provided Brian's Backpacking Blog with a complementary Snow Leopard Cooking System, Snow Peak Hybrid Summit Cookset, and Epicurean TI stove for the purpose of this giveaway.

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