Gossamer Gear Kumo & PROBAR Giveaway

Gossamer Gear Kumo & PROBAR Giveaway


PROBAR & Gossamer Gear Giveaway As many of you know I am a big PROBAR fan thanks to my friend, unofficial PROBAR ambassador and founder of Gossamer Gear, Glen Van Peski. Glen turned me on to PROBAR shortly after reading my various blog posts chronicling my quest for a tasty and nutritional snack bar for backpacking. Glen was sure I'd love PROBAR so he sent me some and challenged me to try them to see if there were better than the brands that I had previously tried. It worked. After trying them earlier this summer I was hooked and haven't turned back.

New (Secret) Flavors I have also been very fortunate, again thanks to Glen, to have had the opportunity to secretly taste test some new PROBAR flavors months before they hit the shelves. I carried several of the new PROBARS with me during my Mt. Whitney trip, all wrapped in generic wrappers with hand-printed labels to identify the new flavors. Here's what I thought of the new flavors:

  • Oatmeal Raisin: Can you say breakfast? This is the perfect morning snack bar. Like having a bowl of delicious oatmeal in a bar
  • Chocolate Coconut: Homerun! A combination of two of my favorite ingredients. Surprisingly not as heavy on the coconut as I had imagined or hoped, subtle really. Probably one of my favorite of all the PROBAR flavors to date, after the Oatmeal Raisin that is
  • Chocolate Mint: I like most types of mint flavors generally speaking, but this was a taste combination that didn't work for me. It might have been the type of mint used (spearmint?) but I thought it clashed with the chocolate flavor instead of melting into it and enhancing it
  • Superfruit Slam and Greens: I was completely surprised by this one, in a good way. I'll admit that I deliberately left it to last because I wasn't sure what to make of it from the name. I liked the moistness of this bar compared to others, and felt as if I was easting a date-based bar

These new flavors, along with a few old favorites, formed the core of my Mt. Whitney non-cook meal menu by substituting three of my meals for bars. It worked out extremely well and with the additional snacks and drinks I had included as part of the menu I ended up eating very well the entire trip - more about this in a future blog post.

PROBAR & Gossamer Gear Giveaway

New Branding and... Just a few days ago PROBAR announced their new branding. In addition to their sleek new packaging design they introduced their new flavors (above) as well as an entirely new line of protein bars called CORE. I haven't tried the CORE bars yet, but will let you know what I think of them as soon as I have had a chance to try some. I know I'll be buying a box of the new Oatmeal Raisin bars for sure and probably some of the Chocolate Coconut too!

Glen contacted me just before Christmas with an idea that he had come up with to celebrate PROBAR's new branding and product line up. He wanted to combine his two passions by holding a combined Gossamer Gear and PROBAR giveaway and asked if I would be willing to run it via my blog - how could I refuse?

Gossamer Gear and PROBAR very kindly provided the prizes for this fun contest. So, up for grabs is a brand new Gossamer Gear Kumo Superlight backpack ($140) and a whole bunch (I can't say how many, but it's a lot) of delicious PROBARS.

Backpack and PROBAR Giveaway! To enter this amazing giveaway, you will need to submit a comment below with your guess of how many PROBARS can be stuffed into the pockets of a Kumo backpack. Just to be clear, you are not guessing how many PROBARS can be stuffed inside the main compartment of the Kumo backpack, just the pockets of the backpack. There are a couple of pockets on the Kumo so do your homework on the Gossamer Gear site in order to make an accurate guess. I've stuffed the Kumo's pockets with PROBARS in order to come up with what will be the official number - it's more than I thought.

The winner will be the person that submits the closest guess to my official number. A winner will be selected at random from all of the eligible entries using Random.org. The contest will run until midnight on Saturday January 5th, 2013. You must submit a comment on this blog post with your guess in order to be entered into the giveaway.

PROBAR & Gossamer Gear Giveaway

In addition to your official guess you can click on any of the options on the Rafflecopter widget below to receive multiple entries - each additional entry will be another chance for your name (and guess) to be picked. The winner will have one week to claim their prize. If they don't a new winner will be drawn.

Note: As always, if you’re active duty military and deployed and are unable to complete the entry methods using the widget below, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in :)

I'd like to thank Glen from Gossamer Gear and Jules from PROBAR for their help in putting this giveaway together and of course for providing the awesome prizes. Best of luck to everyone!

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