What is The BBB Challenge?

The BBB Challenge was designed for individuals to compete in a battle of crypto analysis skills to solve a series of encoded messages and earn the prestigious BBB Challenge patch. Each phase is encoded using readily available cryptographic methods. A task must be successfully performed to progress to the next phase. Tasks may be digital, physical, or both. Many have attempted The BBB Challenge, few have completed it. #TheBBBChallenge


BB- -B- ----B BB B-- B --B- --B - B---- B--- --B- B-B B B --B - -B- B---- -BB BB- BBB- BB --B --B- B-BB BBBB -BB- - B-BB --B --B B-B B -B B-- - -B- BB --B --B- -B- B--B --B- - -B- --B- --B --B- -B- B--B -BB --B- BB- BBBB- --B - BB- -B --- BBB B-BB -B-- --B --B- -B- - BBB- B-- BB-B B- -BBB-